Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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Special Classes

Outside Scavenger Hunts
October 12, 2105 
October 26, 2015
We participated in two different scavenger hunts in the Pollinator and Woodland Habitats. The purpose was to get familiar with important plants and additions to the two habitats.

Bird Buffet and Sketching
November 2015

Animal Tracks Workshop
January 25, 206



Animal Rescue League
April 13, 2015



Alyssa Fine , 2012 Ameican Honey Queen, presented her Honey Pollination Program

Highlight- making beeswax ornaments


2012 American Honey Queen 

Buzzing Across America

McKeesport Daily News 

Nocturnal Animal Theater

November 18, 2013

Thanks to :

Audubon Society of Western PA for this program

Firefly Guides Students from  6th Grade Polar Bear Club

Carissa, Faith, Kennedy, Madi, Zack, and Bobby

Featured Animals

Bat.....Mrs. Miskimmin
Owl....Mr. Yaksick
Flying Squirrel...Ava Kepple
Skunk...Mrs. O'Keefe
Raccoon...Ms. Underwood
Opossum...Mrs. Kostik

Hummingbird Workshop
April 22, 2013
Ms. Aubrecht, Ms. Underwood, Mrs. Eckman, Louella Pikras

 Morning Bird Walk
May 28, 2013
Ms. Kadar and Ms. Aubrecht


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