Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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"One of the best things about a garden, large or small, is that it is never finished. It is a continual experiment."
Margery Bianco, Horticulturalist

May 2003 Groundbreaking


October 2005- won the Schoolground Habitat Merit Award/K-6 Division from the Audubon Society of Western PA- Daily News







July 17, 2006 became an official Certified Wildlife Habitat site #67632  by the
National Wildlife Federation.

Mr. Wayne Gdovic and Ms. Aubrecht

Ms. Aubrecht receives the 2008 Betty Abbot  Excellence in Teaching Award from the Audubon Society of Western PA.Post Gazette

South Allegheny is now a registered and certified Monarch Waystation.  Our registry number is 2287. Photos are available. Our Pollinator Habitat is appreciated for its contribution to monarch conservation by helping to assure the continuation of the monarch migration in North America. Daily News , Tribune Review

 The Woodland Habitat area is now a recognized Audubon Bird Habitat .


 The property has received a 4            score with the highest being 5 Star. You can create a birdscape at your home also. Go to http://pa.audubon.org to become involved.

"Improving the quality of land for wildlife is the single most constructive step we can take to assist wild bird population."

Stephen Kress, Audubon Biologist


The Pollinator Habitat became interactive in August 2009.  A PA PACT Grant for Outdoor Science Classrooms made this unique project possible.


Press an eyespot on the butterfly box and you can listen to pollination information, songs, or poems. Harmony Habitat students are the voices of the butterfly box. This project was directed and designed by Ms. Aubrecht with Greg Kurk from the Magic Lantern, a Pgh. consultant company in the audiovisual arts. 


 2009 President's Environmental Youth Awards
Superior Environmental Achievement
Interactive Pollinator Habitat

We submitted an application for the 2009 President's Environmental Youth Awards and received recognition in the Superior Environmental Achievement category. This was a very competitive national awards program. We received the achievement award in Region 3 which included DE, MD, PA, VA, WV, and DC.

 "Walk in Harmony" Cell Phone Tour

 On June 17, 2010 the "Walk in Harmony" Cell Phone Tour was opened for the community and students to participate. This is one time that you are encouraged to turn on your cell phones and listen to information at each of the six owl stops told by Harmony Habitats representatives.


 Harmony Circle Dedication


On June 30, 2010 the Harmony Circle was dedicated to Mrs. Joyce Hovanec, beloved SA teacher. Her Memorial Fund allowed for this teaching circle to be created near the Pollinator Habitat. This outdoor teaching area will be available for the public, teachers, and students.



 A Plant Cam was placed in the Pollinator Habitat on July 8, 2011. This camera will take time lapse pictures of featured plants and insect activity. It can be moved to feature a new plant. This cam is taking pictures of Swamp Milkweed, a host plant for the Monarch Butterfly. Daily News



 We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of the Harmony Habitats program. It has evolved from the Pollinator Habitat groundbreaking of May 2003. We now have an additional  Woodland Habitat and Bulb/Sunflower Area. Thanks to all teachers, students, administrators, and community members who have supported every project and made our school program a unique learning opportunity. Our sunflower patch is in bloom, our Pollinator Habitat has a informational butterfly box, and our Woodland Habitat has a Cell Phone Tour.

This tree is on display in the school lobby. If you have helped our program in any way, add a leaf to the tree. You can stop in the office to pick up your leaf.







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