Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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On Oct. 7, 2013 our class created a class butterfly and 33 individual butterflies to participate in the 18th annual "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" with over 60,000 students across North America.



Check out the Symbolic Migration website. It will explain the project and all the students that will be involved. Go to the map, find our school, and see our class butterfly and message.



Our garden was a success, but we also had some critter control problems that enabled us to try some Integrated Pest Management. Read about our experiement and see our pictures on the Journey North website.

Our Emperor Tulip Record

  • Planted: November 2, 2009

  • Emerged: March 8, 2010

  • Bloomed : April 3, 2010

                                      Daily News- Students Plant Tulip Test Garden

                            Tribune Review-Students Watch Winter Give Way to Spring

                                                               Journey North Feature

On November 2, 2009 the Harmony Habitats representatives planted 50 Red Emperor tulip bulbs to take part in an international science project called Journey North. We will connect, using the internet, with hundreds of schools in the Northern Hemisphere. We can be found on the map after we planted the bulbs. We will wait until spring and report when the bulbs emerge and bloom. This will plot the progression of spring throughout North America.


Ms. Aubrecht and Mrs. Kostik would like to thank Kathy Coberly, Rose Eckman, Vicki Underwood, Louella Pikras, and Jayme Klein for helping the children plant the test garden and all the other bulbs in the area. Thanks also to Mark Zidak for preparing the flower bed around the rocks for our project.



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