Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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Interactive Pollinator

The Pollinator Habitat is now interactive. A butterfly box, bench, and bulletin board have been added. You can now push a button and listen to a Harmony Habitat student talk, sing, or read a poem about pollinators.

In August 2009, the Magic Lantern Audio and Visual Arts Consultants installed the equipment that made possible the Interactive Feature of the Pollinator Habitat.

On August 19, 2009 the Harmony Habitat students and the community had a Garden Party to celebrate the Interactive Pollinator Butterfly Box feature.

This feature was made possible by a South Allegheny PA PACT Grant for Outdoor Science Classrooms. The project was directed by Ms. Aubrecht . The selected Harmony Habitat students are the voices teaching the community about pollination.


Thanks to the Harmony Habitat students who read and sang to add voice to the Pollinator Habitat.

Madeline, Cierra, Kacey, Ryan, Rachel, Katie, Megan, Ava, Shannon, Cullen, Cristian, Ashley




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