Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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Great Sunflower Project

Our students have helped to create an area featuring different kinds of sunflowers by the huge rock along the entrance driveway. These sunflowers were planted in the bulb area.
The test sunflowers are the lemon queen sunflowers. We also planted ox-eye, thin leaved, and tall sunflowers in the area.  The test flower seeds were covered until sprouting to prevent them from being eaten by birds. These flowers should be in bloom by August.

Each child planted the lemon queen sunflowers in a pot to take home. They would then transplant the sunflower and participate in the program at home over the summer.
Students and adults can participate by taking less than 30 minutes of time to count how many bees visit their sunflowers. This citizen science project is a way to gather information about bee populations. Many beekeepers are experiencing colony collapse and pollinators are becoming endangered.

Visit the Great Sunflower Project website to register and download forms to participate. Bee guides and information are also available.


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