Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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We are grateful to the following people who donated money, time, or materials to our habitats.

You can sponsor a program for the upcoming Harmony Habitats school year. We would announce the speaker or activity you would sponsor.
The programs range from $50. -$200.
We have had speakers from Community College, The Outdoor Classroom, and the Audubon Society of Western PA. 

The school district also cannot afford to participate in the Carnegie Museum Educational Loan Program. That program is $200./yr.  We used to borrow materials to use in bird identification, tracking, PA wildlife study, and plant study. You can also sponsor that service for one year.
E-mail me if you are interested. aaubrecht@southallegheny.org

White Cloud Nursery from Elizabeth for their donation of 3 bags of mulch for our fall planting project.

Lou Attanucci- for making more worm composting bins and mounting the new butterfly house in the pollinator habitat

Dave Hoffman-for moving and planting trees and shrubs in our habitats

Parents and relatives who bought spring flowering bulbs from our Touch of Nature fundraiser.

Mrs. Wagner for donating scrub oak, crabapple, and buttonbush plants that she received from the Pymatuning Nature Reserve Game Commission.

Ms. Aubrecht for donating the following project materials:

  • Great Sunflower Project 2010 seeds, soil, and signage.
  • Class composter and worms for composting project
  • Project Feeder Watch registration fee
  • Monarch Watch materials
  • Rakes
  • Trellises for Pollinator Habitat


Ms. Vicki Underwood for donating the sunflower seeds for the Great Sunflower Project 2011.

The family of  Debby Pikula has donated a Plant Cam in her memory. This camera is installed in the Pollinator Habitat.

The Walmart Foundation awarded a $500.00 Local Community Contribution Outreach Grant on July 12, 2011.

Thanks to Lowe's for their $25. and WIldbirds Unlimited for a bird feeder contribution to the Harmony Habitats gift basket that was raffled at Open House 2011.

The Bluebird Crossing sign was replaced by Ms. Aubrecht and Ms. Underwood. The original sign donated by Ms. Aubrecht was never found.

A donation in memory of  Margaret Smith, mother of Sharon Miller ,was made by Vicki Underwood.


Thanks to Doug Marinos  Industrial Arts/Technology class for repairing and refinishing the Woodland Habitat bridge and four benches. We appreciate their time and workmanship.

Thanks to Ms. Wachs' fifth grade class for weeding the Pollinator Habitat this spring of 2012.





Thanks to the Confederation of McKeesport District Women's Clubs for their donation to the Harmony Habitats program. Their donation of $175. will be used to replant many woodland and pollinator native plants in the spring. We also look forward to working with the Joyful Bloomers Club for this project.

Joanne Welsh, a Joyful Bloomer member, helped the students plant additional native plants in the Woodland Habitat on May 20, 2013.


Thanks to the South Allegheny Education Association for their $75. donation to sponsor the Woodland Cell Phone Tour for June, July, and August of 2012.


A donation in memory of James H. Thomson Jr. was made by Vicki Underwood.




 Thanks to the Joyful Bloomers Gardening Club of McKeesport for their spring grant that helped plant additional native plants in our habitats. They held their monthly meeting at our school on August 7th and donated an additional $50 toward our program.


A money donation was made in Dec. 2014 by Kyra Clugston's grandfather.









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