Harmony Habitats
South Allegheny Elementary

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Cell Phone Tour


The Cell Phone Tour is closed until spring.



Thanks to the South Allegheny Education Association for sponsoring the Cell Phone Tour for July, August, and September.


You can learn about the plants of the Woodland Habitat with the "Walk in Harmony" Cell Phone Tour.  This allows you to self tour the habitat any time of the day. Take a brochure, dial 412.254.2156 and visit each numbered owl in the habitat.  You can also listen to extra information at each stop. Continue by stopping at each of the six stops along the path marked by owls.

The voices of the"Walk in Harmony" cell phone tour were Harmony Habitat representatives.

Introduction...Lukas Dunaway/Cullen Elton
Stop 1...Kyle Hinerman
101...Bobby Nesky
Stop 2...McGregor Palyo
102...Carissa Sullinger
Stop 3...Clayton Colecchi
103...Kasey Sullinger
Stop 4...Falco Muscante
104...Tyler Hinerman
Stop 5...Raegan Gouker
105...Kennedy Lawson
Stop 6...A.J. Yarborough
106...Michael Moranelli







 Daily News- Aug. 2, 2010

Post Gazette- Aug. 5, 2010


                                               Sponsor a Tour

You can sponsor a tour for $25 a month. The check should be made out to Spatial Adventures and sent to South Allegheny Elementary school.

We would like to thank the following sponsors:
South Allegheny Education Association
South Allegheny School District and Alion Science
In Memory of Thomas E. O'Keefe Jr., late father of Dawna O'Keefe

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